News » Sunflower Therapeutics Delivers First Daisy Petal™ System as Part of Early Access Program

Sunflower Therapeutics Delivers First Daisy Petal™ System as Part of Early Access Program

Jun 23, 2022

HINGHAM, MA, JUNE 23, 2022– Sunflower Therapeutics, a public benefit corporation focused on transforming access to biologics medicines for patients worldwide, has delivered its first system for biomanufacturing, the Daisy Petal™ fermentation system.

The Daisy Petal™ is the turnkey, small-footprint solution that lets scientists focus on discovering new drug candidates and consider manufacturing efficiencies earlier in the drug development process.

“Sunflower Therapeutics is reimagining how to develop biologic medicines and delivering a platform to make this a practical reality. The Daisy Petal™ incorporates core innovations that facilitate seamless process transfers from rapid prototyping to efficient manufacturing at scale,” said Alexandra Bonnyman, Director of Engineering Operations at Sunflower Therapeutics.

The Daisy Petal™ uses a single-use consumable assembly designed specifically for intuitive installation and a simple user experience. The system employs the same user interface and operating system as Sunflower’s end-to-end manufacturing systems, the Daisy™ and Dahlia™, but focuses on upstream operations. Processes developed on the Daisy Petal™ can be easily transferred to any other Sunflower system without significant process development or scale-up effort.

Further, the Daisy Petal’s hardware and controls are engineered and optimized for in-vessel perfusion utilizing a custom disposable stirred tank reactor. This unique in-vessel perfusion capability enables greater volumetric productivity from the bench through manufacturing.

“Delivering the Daisy Petal accelerates our business goals and supports our public benefit purpose. Customers participating in our early access program are excited about removing barriers to drug development and will be providing critical user feedback to help Sunflower’s insight-driven design process,” said Bonnyman.

About Sunflower Therapeutics

Sunflower Therapeutics, PBC is a unique biotech company with a mission to enable more medicines to reach patients worldwide. Our goal is to transform access to biologic medicines for patients worldwide by creating novel technologies for development and manufacturing with the whole global community in mind. Using our core technologies–an efficient host, data-driven methods for process development, and novel manufacturing facilities–our team aims to create efficient, fast, and less costly cycles of development and production for many new innovative patient-focused products. Sunflower’s research labs are currently located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


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