Our vision is both bold and practical

As scientists and entrepreneurs we founded Sunflower Therapeutics in 2018 to increase access to vaccines and other new biologic medicines through the development of next-generation manufacturing technologies.

Traditionally, bringing these life-saving medicines to market has been capital-intensive, involving a complex development process, and large-scale, single-product manufacturing facilities.

This not only denies the promise of biologic medicines to millions of patients around the world, it hinders any company developing protein-based solutions, including new foods, biomaterials, and other health and wellness products.

To empower entrepreneurs at start-ups and established companies alike, we began by reimagining the entire biologic development process from rapid prototyping to manufacturing at scale.

Today, we’re realizing our ambitious vision with practical innovation and methodical execution at every stage of the development process–from early-stage discovery to commercial-scale manufacturing.

Our modular, automated, and fully-integrated platform is replacing complexity with simplicity so that innovators can produce products when and where they are needed most.