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About Sunflower Therapeutics, PBC

Sunflower Therapeutics PBC is a unique biotech company with a mission to enable more medicines and protein-based products to reach patients and consumers worldwide. Our goal is to transform access to protein manufacturing capabilities for innovators and developers working on new biotechnology products including biologic medicines, vaccines, reagents, and food products for consumers worldwide.  Sunflower’s protein manufacturing solutions include optimized microbial hosts, efficient platform bioprocesses for diverse proteins, next-generation “small footprint” biomanufacturing equipment, and proprietary instrument control and data analysis software.

Would you like to work with a team that aims to enable efficient, fast, and less costly cycles of development for new innovative customer-focused products? Join us! We value wellness, quality, integrity, fairness, community, and efficiency.

Current Opportunities

We greatly value your interest in becoming part of our team. Our team is currently looking for individuals interested in the following position(s):

“Sunflower’s leadership team made it their mission to strengthen my technical knowledge and ability to effectively communicate my ideas, all while helping me to achieve my goals throughout the summer.”

Jayson Pinals

Assistant Engineer/Scientist, BMS (Former Sunflower Intern)