Dahlia Petal™  Perfusion Bioreactor System

Dahlia Petal™
Perfusion Bioreactor System

Scale up your fermentation effortlessly

Meet the Dahlia Petal™, it’s the only bioreactor that enables immediate process scale-up from the benchtop Daisy Petal™ bioreactor without any additional testing.

The Dahlia Petal™ is an integrated system for perfusion fermentation delivering hundreds of liters of fluid output during a continuous bioprocessing run in just 1.5 sq meters. Its footprint is significantly smaller than fermenters delivering similar volumes in batch.

The Dahlia Petal™ is fully automated by HelianthOS™, Sunflower’s proprietary operating system that controls all parameters during a fermentation. Users get a “hands-free” experience, just like using the Daisy Petal™, whether it’s your first fermentation or your five hundredth.

The Dahlia Petal™ is Sunflower’s advanced perfusion fermentation bioreactor for continuous protein, molecule or biomass production. Ready-to-use consumables and comprehensive automation shorten timelines to get started on the Dahlia Petal™ and make for quick turnarounds between fermentations. Dahlia Petal™ incorporates Sunflower’s state of the art perfusion capability and proprietary single-use parts deliver functional value and environmental sustainability compared to batch-based processing. Achieve your protein production goals and scale up easily using the Dahlia Petal™.

  • Works continuously for you: Dahlia Petal™ uses Sunflower’s patented cell retention technology for perfusion to continuously feed the biomass in the bioreactor and continuously remove or harvest cell culture fluids (cells like clean, healthy spaces, too!)
  • Big volumes from a small footprint: Dahlia Petal™ has a 15L working volume that can process 200 L (or more!) output fluid during one operation.  (No need to have a giant bioreactor to achieve giant protein yields.)
  • Simple set up for anyone: Users can start a new fermentation in just hours, not days, based on guided installation of our ready-to-use structured single-use bioreactor assemblies with pre-built flowpaths.
  • Automated from start to finish: Sunflower’s universal HelianthOS™ software automates all the Dahlia Petal™ operations, including system initiation activities and in-process monitoring and controls to provide a worry-free (and hands-free!) fermentation experience.
  • Scale up instantly: Dahlia Petal™ has consumables and controls that are built to work together exactly like the Daisy Petal™ so that the bioreactor environment is the same at both scales. A fermentation process from the Daisy Petal™ can be deployed on the Dahlia Petal™ immediately using our custom scale-up software as part of our “Plug-N-Produce”™ functionality.
  • It’s all in the box–if you need it: Ancillary equipment can be provided, or not, depending on your facilities. In every case, we work with you to deliver all the capability needed to get going fast!
  • Capacity grows with your product: Is demand for your products increasing? How exciting!  Adding agile capacity is simple, just add one Dahlia Petal™ at a time for the right balance of manufacturing output to market uptake.
  • Cutting edge sustainability: Intensified continuous processes deployed on the Dahlia Petal™ use markedly less water and energy than legacy batch processing (as much as 90%!)
  • Scale up continuous processes instantly from Daisy Petal™
  • Deploy processes for clinical-scale product development or commercial manufacturing without complications
  • Maximize facility utilization with quick turnarounds between fermentations
  • Maintain high cell densities needed to achieve productivity goals
  • Sustain productivity and quality for longer fermentation runs to realize the best manufacturing costs
  • Achieve commercial-scale production with minimal capital investment
  • Balance commercial outputs with product uptake using multi-product flexibility and predictable process scale-out (not scale up!)

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