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Who We Are

Sunflower Therapeutics, PBC is a unique biotech company with a mission to enable more medicines to reach patients worldwide. Our goal is to transform access to biologic medicines for patients worldwide by creating novel technologies for development and manufacturing with the whole global community in mind. We are developing “right-sized” and efficient approaches to manufacturing proteins using strain engineering, integrated process development, and automated multi-product facilities. We value wellness, quality, integrity, equity, community, and efficiency.

Sunflowers are a global symbol of health and wellness, which is representative of our company mission. From one small seed grows a tall, hardy flower and one flower can give a thousand seeds. We believe our approach to accessible manufacturing can similarly provide a sustainable “harvest” of products for patients previously without treatment.

Our approach to business is different. As a Public Benefit Corporation we aim to achieve profitability while progressing toward our company’s social mission and goals. Sunflower’s specific public benefit purpose is (i) to positively impact the health and wellness of humans and animals through development and deployment of novel manufacturing processes, systems and products, and (ii) to increase global accessibility of health and wellness products.

What We Do

At Sunflower Therapeutics we understand that biologic drugs are not always accessible to those who need them. Using our core technologies–a genetically tractable host, data-driven methods for process development, and novel manufacturing facilities–our team aims to promote efficient, fast and less costly cycles of development and production for many new innovative patient-focused products.

Speed, scale, and quality are critical factors for every drug development program. In the global community, innovative new ideas for drugs can originate anywhere, whether for global diseases or for specific regional needs. We strive to realize a world where high-quality medicines are broadly available everywhere. Building economies of scale with distributed manufacturing networks rather than centralized capital-intensive facilities should promote rapid, efficient innovations and delivery of safe and efficacious medicines and vaccines for everyone.

Sunflower aims to be a socially responsible partner for biopharmaceutical companies interested in our innovative approach and we are currently engaged in supporting contract research and development activities. Our laboratory operations are located at LabCentral in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Our Team

Sunflower is a Women-Owned Small Business, with a world-class team of scientists, engineers and manufacturing experts. Our team has deep domain expertise in fermentation and purification process development, biopharmaceutical manufacturing and product development, quality management and regulatory affairs, and data security. We believe diversity, inclusivity and individuality are important elements for our culture and team, and for creating innovative solutions to challenging problems.

Founders & Board of Directors


Kerry R. Love, PhD

Kerry R. Love, PhD

CEO and President

Kathryn Golden, MEng, MBA

Kathryn Golden, MEng, MBA

J. Christopher Love, PhD

J. Christopher Love, PhD



Alexandra Bonnyman

Alexandra Bonnyman

Technical Program Manager

Laura Crowell, PhD

Laura Crowell, PhD

Director of Integrated Process Development

Mary Kate Tracey

Mary Kate Tracey

Process Development Engineer

Minh Le

Minh Le

Research Associate

Key Consultants

Larry Weiner

CMC Manufacturing

Christina Whiting

Software and Security

Mike Nash

Business Development

News & Publications

In the News

Sunflower Therapeutics Awarded $8.1M Grant

Award from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will support development of deployable “right-sized” manufacturing systems for production of vaccine components HINGHAM, MA, FEBRUARY 1, 2021 — Sunflower Therapeutics, a public benefit corporation focused on improving...

Sunflower Therapeutics Donates To Support Global Health

Company’s $25,000 contributions to health-focused non-profits will support its Public Benefit Purpose HINGHAM, MA, DECEMBER 16, 2020​ ​— Sunflower Therapeutics, a public benefit corporation focused on efficient manufacturing for proteins, announced that it has donated...

US DOD Awards $10.5M Contract To Sunflower Therapeutics

Award will support development of automated manufacturing facilities for production of protein-based medical countermeasures HINGHAM, MA, NOVEMBER 10, 2020​ ​— Sunflower Therapeutics, a public benefit corporation focused on efficient manufacturing for proteins,...