Rendering of the Sunflower Daisy PetalTM Single-Use Bioreactor System
Sunflower Daisy Petal™ Single-Use Bioreactor System

Sunflower Daisy Petal™ Single-Use Bioreactor System

Meet the Daisy Petal™.

It’s the only bioreactor that produces proteins at the speed of innovation.

The Daisy Petal™  is the first microbial fermentation system designed and built for continuous protein production.  This breakthrough capability means it can produce as much protein as a bigger reactor for a fraction of the size and cost.

And it’s the only one that empowers non-expert users to get started quickly, with simple installation of intuitive single-use consumables and fully automated operations.

The Daisy Petal™  allows users to test key process parameters more efficiently, collect meaningful data faster in one campaign, or just make more cells or proteins.

The Daisy Petal™ is our proprietary, automated single-use bioreactor system for continuous protein, molecule or cell line production using microbes.  The Daisy Petal™  is designed to help you achieve your R&D goals in drug/vaccine development, food technologies, synthetic biology or diagnostics, without being a bioprocessing expert.  ‘Plug-N’-Produce’™ features include a structured consumable assembly for successful installation every time and a simple cloud-based application for building your recipe and monitoring its progress.

  • Works continuously for you:  Daisy Petal™ uses our patent-pending in-vessel cell retention device and operates perfusion or chemostat fermentations
  • Big volumes from a small reactor:  Daisy Petal’s 1 L working volume can deliver up to 20L of output process fluids in one operation
  • Set up fast and properly: Intuitive layout and structured consumables mean no more installing tubing backwards (yeah, we’ve been there too)
  • Process monitoring is standard:  Daisy Petal™ systems and consumables come with ready to use sensors for pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and offgas.
  • Automated from start to finish: Our custom software tools handle all the process controls  and  smart responses to deviations, and they provide remote process monitoring for ‘walk-away’ operation (it’s ok…go have lunch)
  • Easy to program: Simple web-based interface lets you create recipes for the fermentation you want, from routine production to efficient Design of Experiments
  • It’s all in the box:  Daisy Petal™ comes with all the hardware and software needed right in the box
    (that’s right–no extra parts to buy, fit, install, or wait for to get going.)
  • Continuously produce secreted proteins or small molecules from cells
  • Cultivate lots of yeast, fungi, bacteria or other microorganisms
  • Test out key parameters to optimize your fermentation (DoE studies)
  • Make candidates for vaccines or drugs
  • Try out new microbial cell lines
  • Create batches of alternative protein for food product development
  • Prepare new reagents for research and diagnostic development
  • Advance your discovery and preclinical testing ideas

Need help engineering eukaryotic microbes to produce your protein? Or optimizing your fermentation conditions?